V. C. Misra, Questioned Document and Handwriting & Finger Print Expert (Forensic Expert, India)


Service Areas:

Opinions on disputed handwritings signatures, finger print, fraudulent additions and alterations, forgeries, anonymous letters.

Available for appearing in Hon’ble courts as a witness (using sketch demonstration techniques)

Forensic photography of disputed documents in courts.

Consultation on forensic questioned documents preparation of cross examinations for lawyers.

Preparation of technical arguments.

Developments of latent finger print from objects & papers.

Questioned Document Examination practical training with photographic demonstration (real court cases done) available.

Identification of highly disguised writing in any language.

Preparation of finger print specimen chart.

Opinion on different script like English, Urdu, Hindi and Indian regional scripts.

Available for the teaching short term courses on Questioned Documents and Finger Prints (English and Hindi).

Lifting chance Finger Prints from smooth surfaces and papers using chemicals.

Send scanned documents of disputed and admitted writings and get opinion by post or email (as per your request).