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Dr V C Mishra, Questioned Document and Handwriting & Finger Print Expert (Forensic Expert, India)
Besides,submitting opinions on Disputed Signatures/Handwriting/Documents and Fingerprints by Dr. V.C.Mishra & Manas Mishra, Dr V.C.Mishra as an Advocate & Forensic Expert, also provides CONSULTATIONS / CROSS EXAMINATION SERVICES in Medico-Legal matters (In Murder Trials etc.).

He has examined the disputed letters/suicidal notes/ handwritten suicidal note on Palm surface for Prosecution and Defence in Courts.

Dr. V. C. Mishra has been appointed as 'COMMISSIONER HANDWRITING EXPERT' and 'AMICUS CURIAE' by Hon'ble Courts many times.

 Dr. V.C.Mishra Handwriting Expert in DELHI-NCR is Ph.D. in Forensic Science ( Questioned Documents). He was awarded Ph.D. on Forged and Disguised writings. Since 1988, he has submitted thousands of Opinions u/s 45, Indian Evidence Act. He has submitted forensic opinions/Handwriting Reports/Cross Examimations for Mumbai Courts, Delhi Courts, (Saket, Rohini, Dwarka, Patiala House, Karkardooma, DRT, Labour Court), High courts of Mumbai and Delhi, UP Courts, Gurugram Courts, Faridabad Courts, Noida Courts, Ghaziabad Court, Bangalore/Banguluru Court/Chennai Court, Surat, Baroda, Ahmedabad Court, Kerala, Andhra and Mysore Court, Dehradun Court, Paudi Garhwal Court, Udaipur, Jaipur, Kotputli Court, Lucknow Court, Chandigarh Court, Shimla Court, Indian Army Court Martial Court, Indian Air Force, APM Court, London Court, Singapore Court, Kuala Lumpur Court, Mauritius Court, Bhopal Court, Bundelkhand Court, Jaipur and Bikaner Court. Besides, Dr. V C Mishra Forensic Document Examiner has submitted opinions on Signatures/Handwriting

Analysis/ signatures on cheques /Wills/ Agreements/Power of Attorney / suicidal notes/anonymous letters/ 'Short initials' and 'illegible and 'fictitious' signatures. He has also submitted reports on Thumb impressions, Fingerprints, age of inks, age of paper (approximately), Manipulated documents, Fraudulent insertion, addition, alteration, obliteration, erased writings, folds of documents, computer generated cut and paste forgery, typewritten documents,  printed matters, rubber stamps, photocopied documents, pencil writings, brush writings on fake paintings (Art Forgery), block lettered writings, fax mail, electronic documents etc.

​Dr V C Mishra has submitted Handwriting Reports for Govt Deptt viz Post and telegraph, LIC, IIT Kanpur/Delhi, JNU Delhi, DU Colleges, NORTHERN RAILWAYS, UP POLICE, DELHI POLICE, Border Security Force (BSF), Uranium Corporation of India, Fertilizer Corporation of India (FCI) , Ordinance Equipment Factory, IAF, Indian Army, RAF,  Rajput Regiment, Central Schools, National Textile Corporation( NTC), BRITISH INDIA CORPN, SIDBI, HBTI Kanpur, Central Excise Delhi, Bhartiya Lok Prashashan ,Indian Institute of Public Administration,ITO-Delhi, PWD,  Veterinary Council of India, Maurya Sheretan Hotel,  etc.

Dr V C Mishra and EXPERT-MANAS MISHRA have also submitted Opinions for Banks viz Standard Chartered Bank, Bank of Tokyo, PNB, SBI, Etc and for  MNCs viz BECHTEL India, SKANSKA, CASTROL, BATA, BLUE DART, HCL, RELIGARE, JET AIRWAYS, BIRLA soft, JK House, Hero Honda, KPMG, THE INSTITUTE OF Company Secretaries of India(ICSI), ELECTROLUX, HALDIRAM, Hotel MARINA etc. for Identification of forgery and handwriting Identification services.

​Dr V C Mishra Handwriting Expert- Delhi can submit opinions on documents written in Gujarati, Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi scripts.

​Dr V C Mishra, forensic consultant and Handwriting Expert-Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad has been engaged by TOP LAW FIRMS of Delhi, Mumbai, London, Singapore and Mauritius. We also prepare Cross Examinations/Cross-chekings of other expert's opinions.

​Our List of clients and COURT JUDGMENTS, Summons of Witness, Appointment Letters by Courts (as Commissioner Handwriting Expert also) and APPRECIATION LETTERS  are displayed on website-